White Shark managed security services are available in 4 carefully designed packages, where even the Standard package includes all essential IT security services: an initial assessment, monthly overviews, the most current detection and response services and discounts from our on-demand service portfolio. On the other end of the spectrum, our Premium package holds everything a security-conscious enterprise may need – from phishing and awareness trainings to management support and ISMS monitoring.

Vulnerability assessment

After the Onboarding phase and the deployment of our sensors, White Shark Team provides an initial vulnerability assessment based on the information given by Customer regarding its infrastructure and the initial batch of metrics collected from the relevant endpoints. This initial assessment serves as a baseline to track the elevation of the security level in our Customer’s network. The assessment report includes a security overview and our recommendations based on the first metrics analysed and the audit results.
The initial vulnerability assessment is included in the 2-months free trial period – even if you choose not to have White Shark MSS installed for continuous protection.

Mobile protection with MDM

Using Zimperium’s mobile EDR solutions, our managed security services include mobile platforms as well. Mobile protection is powerful on its own, but with the integration of mobile device management systems, we are able to utilize the MDM’s features for proactive detection and response services an all mobile devices (Android and iOS as well). With MDM features at hand, it is possible to revoke access to company resources on mobile devices that are deemed compromised, enforce the use of secured environments or push strict application policies to compatible devices if need be.

Danger zone service

Danger Zone service is a premium feature of the Mobile EDR that identifies potentially dangerous Wi-Fi access points that have previously been involved with attacks. It includes notification when potentially malicious access points are nearby and alerts when the device is connected to such suspicious access points.

Mobile phishing guard

Most phishing attempts can (and do) work on mobile devices, with more and more people reading their messages on their smart phones. Mobile phishing guard is able to determine known phishing sites and attempts and alert the user before any harm is done. It includes notification when trying to access a known phishing site, and alerts when the phishing site is opened in the browser.

Monthly report

We provide regular security reports to our Customers that contain the aggregated information about the security level in the Customer’s network based on all its White Shark-protected mobile and legacy endpoints. We also create regular progress reports in comparison to the previous security overview to show you how your security has elevated and what is yet to be done.

Monthly recommendation

Along with the monthly reports, we also provide security recommendations to our Premium and Superior Customers on a monthly basis. These recommendations are condensed into an aggregated and prioritised list of vulnerabilities and potential pivot points and are based on the metrics in our Customers’ network. White Shark Team uses the Desktop EDR and Mobile EDR systems’ built in scoring features and their own experience and expertise to assign priority to each recommendation. We also issue ad-hoc reports when a global security event occurs with potentially significant impact on your enterprise network.

Awareness training – basic, full or custom

Helping your employees gain a security perspective is the baseline for effective defence. The aim of all courses is to find out where your security awareness is at, elevate that level and to help the audience better understand and internalize the necessity of modern-day cyber defences and security aware user, manager or expert behaviour and approach.
We offer a wide range of trainings, from our 3-hours long basic awareness training to our 5-day or 2-semester long WHCD course for enterprise defence personnel – with everything in between, tailored to customer needs and best fit.
The Basic package includes the Basic Security Awareness training on an annually recurring basis, the Full package all three awareness trainings, and the Custom package includes either our unique WHCD training or any of our custom trainings you need.

⇾ Basic Security Awareness Training (for end-user level):

The aim of this comprehensive awareness training is to help all of your colleagues gain an objective picture of their sense of security, to make them aware of modern cyber challenges and their possible consequences and ramifications on a user level, and to elevate their overall security awareness and better their approach towards this aspect of everyday behaviour. Highly recommended for all personnel with access to any data assets, including embedded contractors as well as personnel of non-HQ locations via a remote training upon request. The 4-hour long training consists of a preliminary quiz, the pre-recorded training, and a retake of a similar quiz in order to track the trainees’ progresses before and after taking the course. The material includes the most common attack vectors against enterprise users and preventive measures, i.e. phishing, password management, secure browsing, best practices.

⇾ Security Awareness Training for C-level:

The aim of this course is to make executive-level leaders aware of modern cyber challenges and their possible consequences (productivity-related, reputational or monetary) and ramifications on a company-wide level. This perspective-changing training helps decision makers understand what challenges an enterprise faces on an IT security level and what steps can be taken by them – both personally as members of the organisations, and as executives in charge of enabling and advancing development. This live, 4-hour long security awareness training is specialized to your executives and management and tailored to decision makers’ security issues.

⇾ Security Awareness Training for IT personnel (expert level):

The aim of our expert level course is to help IT personnel (including – depending on Client requirements – system administrators and architects, development and operations, and developers and programmers) deepen their knowledge in the most current trends and techniques employed in the cyber space. It covers the defensive tools and equipment as well as what steps can be taken by them – both personally as members of the organisations, and as experts and specialists in charge of deploying security measures and helping users in these matters. The 4-hour training session is live, either remote or on-site, and has a more technical approach to security awareness trainings. It is also specialized for the Customer’s needs and personnel.

⇾ WHCD enterprise defence training (for appointed ITS personnel):

In case there are IT personnel designated to take an active part in your internal cyber defence and incident response or incident management team, we recommend our “WHCD enterprise defence training” currently unique in Europe.
We give our WHCD students hands-on, real-life oriented practical knowledge that can instantly be used by those who play – or wish to play – a role in the security team in an enterprise environment. During our course we introduce and analyse the IT security systems and system elements of corporate networks, and the roles and responsibilities involved. We study in detail the different Blue Team and SOC (Security Operations Centre) roles; and throughout the course we illustrate and analyse the individual steps of the defence procedure through the incident management of a life like APT attack – how the subsequent phases are structured, how they interact, and what roles this necessitates on the personnel side. This training is available either as a 2-semester long training in university cooperation, with the next course starting September; or as a 5-day-long on-site or online course exclusively for your team.

⇾ Custom trainings:

Depending on your needs and specifications, and the security issues we may uncover during our cooperation, we can offer the customization of any of the abovementioned security awareness trainings – to include past incidents and the lessons they teach, or new and industry-specific course materials to help your colleagues be more security-effective.
We also offer a number of specialized trainings our Superior Customers may choose from, like secure coding training or a course in any other, information security related topic of your choosing.

CxO support

The person in charge of an enterprise’s security decision (be it your CISO, CIO, CTO or the CEO) does not have it easy. This is why we offer regular consultation on specific information security matters with our expert team regarding your responsibilities and tasks. The CxO support service is available in all packages and can help you supervise your organisation’s current needs and problems, you’re your security budget more effectively or be up-to-date on the latest developments.

Web-watchdog service

We have developed and incorporated into White Shark MSS our watchdog service. Web-watchdog monitors and periodically checks the content, DNS records, and SSL certificates of the website hosted on the domains specified by you, and alerts if any unwanted modifications occur. This ensures that we – and through us you are notified if the website is attacked either to deface the site or to host malicious content on it.

Webshop guard (Magento)

For our Customers who own or manage an e-commerce site we offer our Webshop guard. Via this tool we can periodically check whether the site is operational, has the necessary security updates installed, does not include any weak plugins and has not been meddled with by malicious third parties. Currently, White Shark provides custom detection to Magento online shopping platforms and real time alerting.

ISMS development

Information security management system (ISMS) is a fundamental part of enterprise security. White Shark Team offers consulting and development of the Customer’s information security regulations, policies, and documentations. We also analyse the existing risk assessments and suggest modifications based on the metrics introduced by White Shark Services, if necessary.
Since some modification of the existing regulations is unavoidable if you choose any managed security service provider, White Shark services include providing the relevant regulation segments that can be easily integrated to existing regulations and policies.

Regulation monitoring

For our Superior Customers we allocate resources to monitor local and international cyber security regulations and notify our Partners if these regulations are to be modified. This way we can prepare you and your ISMS for the new regulations and avoid any involuntary non-compliance, last minute hassle and anxiety.

ITS consultant services

If you have a security services provider, why not use them to ask any IT security related questions on your mind? With us, you can consult on any information security matters with our expert team, on a monthly basis – including our services, your system’s state of security, our recommendations for improvement or its implementations, or any other matter that could help you understand, supervise or develop any security related issues – or any project’s security aspects.

Penetration testing

Penetration testing is a wide-scope assessment of our target network and its elements to further understand and examine their infrastructure from the security standpoint. Annually recurring penetration testing is often obligatory in certain industries (mandated by national laws or industry-specific regulations). Our team provides the thorough testing of public-facing devices or services as well as internal penetration testing to uncover misconfigurations or possible pivot points for lateral movement. Upon completion we deliver a detailed penetration testing report, tailored to our Customer’s needs and specifications.

Phishing tests

Phishing and spear-phishing is still No.1 on the list of successful and overall initial access methods. Testing the employees’ awareness regularly is therefore key to any enterprise’s effective defence.
Our team’s experience in adversary simulations makes this service unique as White Shark Team is able to create carefully planned and sophisticated malicious letters and phishing campaigns, customized to our Customer, and effectively measure your awareness.

Threat hunting

Due to our vast experience in both the private and the national security sector, and our on-demand services, White Shark Team can conduct threat hunts in order to reveal previously undetected potential malicious actors in your enterprise network. We constantly improve our methodology and keep up with state-of-the-art malicious actors to be able to detect threats specific to your industry, your market or your company.

Incident response

With the White Shark MSS we offer significant discounts on remote or on-site incident response services provided by the White Hat Team. We can appear on-site within a very short time-frame thanks to our private aviation partner and a helicopter at our disposal, where we cooperate with you IT teams in order to restore business continuity as soon as possible, thoroughly remove detected attackers and malware from your network, investigate the root cause, find the initial compromise and provide a written incident report as the investigation ends. Responding to an incident may also include crisis communication aid and malware analysis upon request.

Cyber insurance discount

As our White Shark MSS markedly lowers the risk of cyber incidents of insurance claim consequences, and our team offers incident response services as well, any Customer of White Shark MSS can expect a significant discount in cyber insurance expenses. Should you need more counsel on this matter or a cyber insurance altogether, contact us and allow us to help you have the professional cover you need.