Hackers attack



The average time to identify a breach is



The average lifecycle of a breach was



The average cost of a data breach is



The ratio of properly protected company folders is



To achieve optimum IT security an enterprise needs:

  • adequate expertise and competence
  • sufficient resources (human and equipment)
  • and a sufficient level of knowledge and development of relevant techniques and technologies.
Typically, a massive undertaking that consumes large amounts of budget, resources and time – yet in our experience usually falls short of the benchmark which is constantly moving higher and higher.

By partnering with us we help you significantly lower your IT security cost whilst we provide the highest standards of security continuously that almost no enterprise can muster on its own.

Why White Shark?

Zero investment
No hidden fees, no extra devices or tools needed
2-months trial period
Free onboarding and initial assessment, costs only from 3rd month – if satisfied
Scalable and adaptive defence
Easy-to-modify design that can adapt to any change within hours
By top experts
Managed by a team of top-level senior IT security experts
Risk relief – shared responsibility
We help you shoulder your IT security and reduce risks by eliminating most attack surfaces
Cyber insurance
White Shark comes with significant saving on cyber insurance costs
Protection on ALL platforms
Servers or mobile phones, workstations or tablets; Windows, Linux, Android or iOS – we protect all!
Magento defence available
Specialised defensive tools for the most frequent e-commerce tool


White Shark managed security services are available in 4 carefully designed packages, where even the Standard package includes an initial assessment, monthly overviews, the most current detection and response services and discounts from our on-demand service portfolio.

On the other end of the spectrum, our Premium package holds everything a security-conscious enterprise may need – from phishing and awareness trainings to management support and ISMS monitoring.


9 EUR/ Endpoint / Month
* As per licence
** Based on service level

Each package offers every service available in lower service categories and is available on a per endpoint basis. Thus, we can create with our Partners the optimal composition from all packages to provide all the services necessary for the most favourable price.

Contact us and allow us to schedule with you an online or in-person discussion to learn about your current challenges and specific requirements and also explain in detail our comprehensive IT security offering. We expect to gain your interest and are ready to demonstrate our professional skills, product and services for your benefit.